/ limited series of fruit bowl / #20 pieces

/ inspired by feeling of energy in motion and ocean waves
/ all bowls are hand made, each is unique and signed
/ original packaging box and logotype have been developed for this series

material: Corian Glacier Ice
size: 50 x 25 x 10 cm
availability: in 3 - 5 weeks
price: 154 €

order by email: zbynek@soukup.cz

/ exhibited in permanent collection in Corian Design Studio in New York City
/ Designblok Editors Awards 2011 - The best new product nomination
/ Czech Grand Design Awards 2011- Discovery of the year nomination

"This idea came to me while I was living in Porto for half year and spend a lot of time by the ocean, fascinated by motion energy of water and rhythm of the waves. It is also development of my previous project Flowbowl Zero."